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Kei Class Mini Truck Specifications

Model/ Year

Suzuki   DD51T / 1995
Engine Type   4 Cycle Gas
Cylinders   3
Displace-ment cu.In. (cc) 567
Horse-power   45
Valving   OHV
Ignition   Electronic, Coil & Spark Plugs
Oil Filter   Spin On Automotive Type
Air Cleaner   2 Stage snorkel & pre-cleaner Ag Type
Battery   12V 485 Crank Amps
Alternator   12V 16.5 Amps
Muffler   Catalytic, Muffler, Tailpipe
Cooling Type/ Capacity Water, Radiator
Fuel Capacity U.S. Gal (L)  8
Transmission Type    Std. 4,5 &6 speed Clutched 
Limited to Fwd. & Rev. in US
Ground Speed mph (km/h 0-50 Factory 25mph Goverened in US
Wheels   4, Rear 2WD or4WD
Differential Lock   Push Button
Gear Selection   Hi-Lorange;  1-6 gears std. forward, neutral, 2 gears reverse
Brakes Front   Hydraulic Disc
Rear   Hydraulic Drums
Parking   Rear wheel, hand lever
Steering     Rack &Pinion
Suspension Front   Independent, McPherson (Strut Type) 
Rear   Independent, DeDion Axle w/ leafsprings &Hydraulic Shocks
Dry Weight Lbs./ Kgs.   1300-1500 / 590-681
Towing Capacity Lbs. / Kgs.   1200 / 545 
Payload Capacity Lbs. / Kgs.   825 / 375
Turning Radius     150 in.
Vehicle Dimensions Length    in. (mm)    128
Width    in. (mm)   54
Height   in. (mm)   65
Front Tread Centers  in. (mm)    50 in.
Rear Tread Centers  in. (mm)   50 in.
Wheelbase   73.25 in. 
Ground Clearance Front Differential   6.7" stock
(10"Off-Road Pac)
Ground Clearance Mid Span   6.7" stock
(11.5"Off-Road Pac)
Ground Clearance Rear Differential   6.7" stock
(10"Off-Road Pac)
Cargo Bed Width     in. (mm)   54 in.
Length   in. (mm)    79 in.
Depth   11.5 in.
Volume   28.5 Cu. Ft.
Deck Height   27" Stock
(31" Off-Road Pac)
Cargo Bed Loaded   803 Lbs. Stock (1150 Lbs. W/ Premium Lift & Utility Tires)
Fold Down Sides Std / Opt / $$ All Three Sides STD
Hoist   Hydraulic & Elect. OPT or sometimes INC.
Lockable Cab Stdor OPT  / Cost STD$.00 STD
Heater   STD$.00 STD
Lights Front   STD
Rear   STD
Cargo   STD
Brake   STD
Turn   STD
Radio     STD
Tires Front   145/R12 Stock Off Road or Utility up to 8 x26x12
  Rear   145/R12 Stock Off Road or Utility up to 10 x26x12
Cost Stock  (Used Premium Grade) Importers Suggested Retail Price STARTING AT $5,800.00 
  Off-Road Pac 800-1000 Available
Years In Production     40+ Subaru 1962
Other standard features Rear & Both Side Mirrors, Back-up Lights, Full Instrumentation
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