Kei Class Mini Truck Specifications

MAKE/MODEL/YEAR Suzuki   DD51T / 1995
Type 4 Cycle Gas
Cylinders 3
Displace-ment cu.In. (cc): 567
Horse-power 45
Valving OHV
Ignition Electronic, Coil & Spark Plugs
Oil Filter Spin On Automotive Type
Air Cleaner 2 Stage snorkel & pre-cleaner Ag Type
Battery 12V 485 Crank Amps
Alternator 12V 16.5 Amps
Muffler Catalytic, Muffler, Tailpipe
Cooling Type/ Capacity: Water, Radiator
Fuel Capacity 8 U.S. Gal (L)
Type Std. 4,5 &6 speed Clutched
Limited to Fwd. & Rev. in US
Ground Speed 0-50 mph (Factory 25 mph Goverened in US)
Wheels 4, Rear 2WD or4WD
Differential Lock Push Button
Gear Selection Hi-Lorange;  1-6 gears std. forward, neutral, 2 gears reverse
Front Hydraulic Disc
Rear Hydraulic Drums
Parking Rear wheel, hand lever
STEERING Rack &Pinion
Front Independent, McPherson (Strut Type)
Rear Independent, DeDion Axle w/ leafsprings &Hydraulic Shocks
Dry Weight: (Lbs./ Kgs.)1300-1500 / 590-681
Towing Capacity (Lbs./ Kgs.)1200 / 545
Payload Capacity (Lbs./ Kgs.)825 / 375
Turning Radius 150 in.
Length 128 in.
Width 54 in.
Height  65 in.
Front Tread Centers  50 in.
Rear Tread Centers  50 in.
Vehicle Dimensions: Wheelbase 73.25 in.
Ground Clearance Front Differential 6.7″ stock
(10″Off-Road Pac)
Ground Clearance Mid Span 6.7″ stock
(11.5″Off-Road Pac)
Ground Clearance Rear Differential 6.7″ stock
(10″Off-Road Pac)
Width     in. (mm) 54 in.
Length   in. (mm) 79 in.
Depth 11.5 in.
Volume 28.5 Cu. Ft.
Deck Height 27″ Stock
(31″ Off-Road Pac)
Cargo Bed Loaded 803 Lbs. Stock (1150 Lbs. W/ Premium Lift & Utility Tires)
Fold Down Sides Std / Opt / $$ – All Three Sides STD
Hoist Hydraulic & Elect. OPT or sometimes INC.
Lockable Cab: Stdor OPT  / Cost STD
Heater STD
Front STD
Rear STD
Cargo STD
Brake STD
Turn STD
Radio STD
Front 145/R12 Stock Off Road or Utility up to 8 x26x12
Rear 145/R12 Stock Off Road or Utility up to 10 x26x12
Cost: Stock  (Used Premium Grade) Importers Suggested Retail Price: STARTING AT $5,800.00
Off-Road Pac 800-1000 / Available
Years In Production 40+ Subaru 1962
Other standard features Rear & Both Side Mirrors, Back-up Lights, Full Instrumentation